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Payment system for online casino Master Card

MastercardTo make transactions in online gambling establishments, a MasterCard of any level is enough. After Visa, MasterCard is the second most popular system for withdrawing and depositing funds in online casinos. This is mainly due to the fact that the MasterCard system has a high degree of security. Transactions carried out through it are completely safe, since only the bank and the online casino itself are involved in the transfer of money. Each of these transactions is encrypted and not available for interception by attackers. The account is replenished using a confirmation code sent via SMS to the user’s phone. The withdrawal of winnings occurs in the same way, and only rarely is the payment verified using the bank’s application. Deposits with MasterCard are used all over the world and in many online establishments, so even the most demanding gamblers can easily choose an excellent option for themselves from thousands of online gambling clubs.

What virtual clubs provide an opportunity to replenish the account using the Master Card and also withdraw the winnings

The MasterCard payment system was able to unite over 20 thousand financial institutions around the world. However, MasterCard is not a company that accepts everyone in its transaction processing business. In order to continue to occupy a leading position in the online segment, to retain and increase those who want to make purchases, to pay bills on the Internet using its card, MasterCard connects only casinos with a legal license to its system. These from the gaming industry include modern casinos with a lot of opportunities, advantages, where users play and withdraw real money:

  • “Riobet” casino, which is on the 9th place out of 10 possible in the most honest ratings. Promotes no deposit bonus and 150 free spins;
  • “SOL casino” – has 8.7 points out of 10 possible among casinos. Offers an impressive deposit bonus – 200 free spins;
  • “PlayFortuna” – 9.3 points out of 10 possible among casinos from an honest rating. No deposit bonus for registration is 40 free spins;
  • Columbus is on the 8th line of the rating and gives an exclusive bonus opportunity of 100% on a deposit or 100 GBP;
  • “Slottica” – has a rating of 9.3 points out of 10. Gives an exclusive no deposit bonus to the gaming account.

The popularity of payments and withdrawals at casinos with MasterCard is due to more than one reason. This system will automatically convert currency. The conversion process takes place at the official exchange rate, which is beneficial and convenient when playing in foreign online casinos. In case of user winnings, they can be cashed out at any ATM. For the online gambling operators themselves, connecting to the MasterCard system is not only prestigious, but also reliable, because every transaction is encrypted. Hacking a bank account is much more difficult than, for example, e-wallets.

Master Card online casino payment system: advantages of the system and its disadvantages

For some reason, few people know that MasterCard allows making deposits in casinos. Users, having made a win, can withdraw or leave funds and receive passive profit from this. The percentage of such profit is directly added to the conditions of the bank and the selected currency. Deposits can range from 3 to 7% per year. On the other hand, the level of player confidence depends on the speed of payments. The higher it is, the more people trust the system.

  • Master Card is the system that, almost ideally, updates the balance as quickly as possible.
  • Master Card is a reliable payment system that delivers funds on time;
  • Master Card never discloses personal information, even with regard to tax authorities or special services. All wallets, applications and payment forms on the system’s website are protected from third parties and fraudsters.

The disadvantages of settlements using this payment system include: ambiguous withdrawal of money from the casino in terms of time, since the process and terms still depend on the operator of online gambling services used. Also, many are confused by the high commissions, which look much more, in comparison, for example, with the same Visa. The reason for this deficiency lies in the dependence of the political situation, sanctions, etc.

Why can’t I deposit with the Master Card?

Sometimes the system can block making payments to the deposit through the Master Card. Usually, this is due to a malfunction of the payment gateway and after a while the problem will quickly resolve itself. If this did not happen and the user is unable to resolve the situation on his own, you must contact the casino and payment system support service.

Are my details when making payments at the casino using Master Card completely secure?

The data for payments at the casino through the Master Card is fully protected for all users. Master Card is a secure way of depositing at a casino and ensures that all transactions are carried out over closed channels using encryption. The user only has to store his passwords and PIN-codes without transferring this data to third parties.


Master Card is the second most popular payment system in the world. It maintains a global privacy policy, is convenient, simple and fast transfer speed. And despite the percentage of commissions higher than those of competitors, the company is trusted by millions. They keep their money in accounts or as passive Master Card income on deposits of online gambling resources.

Last updated: 02.10.2020

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