Pros of payment system for online casinos Paypal and its cons

PayPalPayPal is an integral part of online trading and is as common as a debit or credit card. The system is familiar to those who make frequent purchases from abroad and use it as a quick and easy tool for payment. All that is needed for payments with PayPal is an email address and a strong password. The transaction process is fast: PayPal informs the merchant by transferring money to him. And yet, despite the advantages, this payment system cannot yet be called popular among online casinos. An incredibly popular among online shoppers, PayPal is not so relevant in the world of online gambling. However, there are virtual clubs that make it possible to deposit and withdraw funds using Paypal. True, there are some pros and cons of gambling houses with Paypal as a settlement system.

Advantages of the system and its disadvantages

To make it as easy as possible to find a suitable online casino with Paypal, you first need to pay attention to the pros and cons of gambling houses. Each of the establishments provides an opportunity to replenish a gaming account, make an application for withdrawal of winnings and a number of other advantages from using the Paypal system:

  • Reduced interest rate of commissions for withdrawals and withdrawals;
  • Security of the transaction. Monetary transactions take place at the expense of a two-step settlement stage;
  • A functionally simple mobile application that makes it possible to fund an online casino account in just two clicks. Or withdraw the winnings identically.

Among the shortcomings of the payment system are: the dissemination of Paypal information about the data of its customers to third parties. In this way, the system processes transactions, and sometimes it just follows the rules of third-party services. Also, every new user of an online casino who chooses Paypal as a payment system agrees on the unconditional right of Paypal to transfer their personal data abroad. In particular, this applies to the United States, on whose servers basically all client data is stored.

Which virtual clubs make it possible to replenish an account using Paypal and withdraw winnings

Unfortunately, the worldwide popularity of PayPal today does not make this system available for online gambling in general. This is due, first of all, to the fact that the company’s policy does not in all countries welcome the use of their payment services. And before trying to make a deposit to virtual clubs through PayPal, you need to visit the corresponding section with a white list of licensed online casinos from PayPal. In addition to the exemplary Vulcan Casino, the following online gambling sites are classified as trusted by PayPal:

  • “RedLuck” based on Playtech gaming software;
  • “Titan Casino” with a decent reputation and many slots;
  • “Casino-X”, which is in no way inferior to the two previous sites from the list;
  • Casino Tropez has very similar conditions to Goldfishka and always has decent bonuses;

Europa Casino based on Playtech gaming software

Virtual clubs with the ability to deposit via Paypal and withdraw using the same winning method reward customers with free spins in video slots. Here, withdrawal becomes possible without replenishment and receiving interest on first deposits. Then why are there so few online casinos that accept Paypal?

Why are there so few online casinos that accept Paypal?

Undoubtedly Paypal is a reliable e-wallet that consistently guarantees absolute safety of your money savings. But at the same time, there is no talk of one hundred percent confidentiality in the case of this system. In addition, the money is kept in absolute safety as long as the system does not even have the slightest suspicion of illegal user activity. Otherwise, the client’s account may be completely blocked forever. Although not only this fact in relation to players stops online casinos from using Paypal. Cooperation between online casinos and Paypal is possible upon prior agreed approval from the payment system. When, as a player by IP address, he must actually be in the country of registration of the virtual hall itself. In turn, the casino is obliged to prove two facts that:

  • Blocks transactions from countries where online gambling is prohibited by law;
  • Accepts money only where there is legal access to online gambling.
  • Few online gambling representatives dare to prove these two facts to the PayPal management. That is why now there are so few online casinos that accept Paypal as a payment system.

FAQ: Casino does not accept PayPal deposits – what should I do?

If the casino does not support mutual settlements with PayPal, the user can bypass the rules as follows:

  • Transfer the deposit not directly, but through the Skrill service;
  • Create an account (if you don’t have one yet) with PayPal and verify;
  • Link your bank card to Skrill, deposit funds to Skrill and fund your online casino account.
  • This double scheme of crediting money to accounts helps to fund your PayPal deposit quickly and easily.

FAQ: PayPal Casino Deposit – How Do I Pay?

If the user has previously deposited funds in the casino using PayPal, he will always be able to pay for the required service. To do this, you need to go to your personal account, study the limits and take actions to pay using a deposit. Such an operation will be possible if, in accordance with the rules of the payment system and the gambling establishment, it is permissible and does not violate the rules.


Convenient and popular – the PayPal system cannot yet be used in the gambling environment to the extent required. Difficult access to PayPal authorization is an obstacle for gambling operators. But the prevalence of the system all over the world, maximum reliability, prompt execution of operations and minimum commissions for withdrawal fully cover the shortcomings, attracting more and more users.

Last updated: 02.10.2020

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