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Caribbean poker in online casinos: rules and strategies

caribian poker

Caribbean poker is a very common game in virtual gambling establishments. It comes in the form of a slot machine or live dealer game. Caribbean poker simulator offered in many casinos online called Oasis Poker. All online casinos with a license provide slot machines from well-known developers. In this case, the combination of cards dealt to the player and the dealer is determined by a random number generator. At live casino Caribbean poker can be offered as an online slot from the room or the slot machine. Live slots with Caribbean poker are featured in the collections of providers NetEnt and Evolution Game.

Caribbean poker game appeared relatively recently. She was developed by a professional poker player David Sklansky in 1982. At that time she was called Casino Poker. However, compared to today’s Caribbean poker wheel, it had several differences. Initially, the dealer dealt two cards instead of one, while Jackpot drawing was not available. The game got its modern look after it appeared in Aruba’s famous Excelsior Casino. The owner of the gambling establishment made changes to the rules and Caribbean poker payouts, which are still in effect today.

Caribbean poker game rules

Online Caribbean poker has similar rules to five-card Stud poker. That being said, the casino has a maximum 5.2% advantage. However, that is only if the player has chosen the optimal game at Caribbean poker. The aim in Caribbean poker online, as in regular poker, is to get a winning combination higher than the dealer’s one.

In the Caribbean poker table the following prize combinations apply:


  • Ace and King of any suit, paid at odds of 1:1;
  • Pair – two cards of equal value over a Jack, at 1:1 odds;
  • Two Pairs – paid at odds of 2:1;
  • Three – a combination of three cards of equal value, paid at odds of 3:1;
  • A Straight – five cards of consecutive ascending value, paid at odds of 4:1;
  • A Flush – a combination of five cards of the same suit, paid at odds of 5:1;
  • Full House – a combination of three cards of the same value with a pair of a different value, paid at odds of 7:1;
  • A Four Card Stud – Combination of 4 cards of equal value, paid at odds of 20:1;
  • A Straight Flush is five cards of the same suit, ranked sequentially upwards and pays 50:1 odds;
  • Royal Flush – a high hand, five cards of the same suit in order, pays 100:1 odds.
  • Caribbean poker odds can vary slightly, depending on the slot you choose.
  • We advise you to read the rules before you start betting.

How to play Caribbean poker?

How to play Caribbean poker? The game starts with the player’s bet (Ante), after which five cards are dealt. The dealer’s last card is dealt. The player has to analyse the hand and then make a decision. The player has two options: Call, which means to continue the game, or Fold, which means to discard the cards and leave the game. If Fold is chosen, the original bet is passed to the casino. If the user continues to play, he bets Bet, which is two Ante.

After this, the rest of the dealer’s cards are revealed. The winner is the one whose combination is higher. If the dealer has no winning combinations at all, the player gets x1 of Ante. If the player and the dealer have an equal combination, the winner is decided based on the values of the cards that are not part of the combination or by the highest card of the five-card hand.

Caribbean poker jackpot


Many casinos offer the option of playing with a jackpot in their machines. In this case, the player makes a special bet on a flush royal. If the bet plays, the player gets a huge prize. The bet is made in a special window located above Ante.

Experts recommend betting on the jackpot in cases where it exceeds $220,000. The chances of winning will be maximum.

Winning Caribbean poker strategy

Caribbean poker strategy experts offer the following tips for novice players:

  • It is worth continuing the game if a pair or a combination of an older hand comes up;
  • If the hand is below a King or Ace, it is worth not playing.

If an Ace and King are present, one should continue playing in the following cases:

  • If the dealer’s open card is a deuce to a queen and the player is holding a card of the same rank;
  • When the dealer’s card is an Ace or King and the player holds a Queen or Jack.

Answers to Popular Questions

How do I start playing Caribbean poker?
What is the best site to play Caribbean poker?

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Eric Schfter (UK)
Eric Schfter (UK)
Casino Games Expert
Caribbean poker is an exciting card game that can bring big winnings. There's a jackpot in the game, which will make for a really big payout.
Caribbean poker
How do I start playing Caribbean poker?
To start playing Caribbean poker for money, you need to register on the website of your chosen casino. To make free bets, open the demo version of the slot, but the winnings in this case will be virtual.
What is the best site to play Caribbean poker?
It is advisable to bet only on licensed online casino sites. Users are awarded bonuses for registering at such resources.