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Let It Ride Poker
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Let It Ride Poker Overview

As ever, the game of poker remains a very popular card game amongst absolutely all walks of life. It is enjoyed by rich celebrities and ordinary people alike. With the development of the internet, a lot of online casinos have been set up, including online poker. Some of the most popular examples of slot machines include Let It Ride.

What is a Let It Ride slot machine?

First of all, Let It Ride Poker first appeared in US casinos way back in 1993 and is still very popular around the world. Let It Ride Poker is a variation of casino poker where the gambler plays against the gambling house.

However, unlike other virtual games in which the player usually bets while playing, in Let It Ride Poker the player can withdraw two out of three bets. The rights to the game belong to the Shuffle Master organization.

The reels of Let it Ride Poker were created by developer OpenBet. The online casino is designed in the genre and is available to players on computers, phones and tablets. Interestingly, the Let It Ride Poker slot has quite a few names, including Let It Ride, Let ’em Ride, Let Them Ride, Free Ride, Poker Pursuit.


Let It Ride poker interface

The video slot interface is quite intuitive. Immediately after loading emulator becomes clear how to use it. Also, despite the fact that the graphical design of free slot machine facade is devoid of frills and other cutting-edge chips, it does not prevent gamblers to enjoy the game and feel at the real card table in a real gambling establishment.

The soundtrack of the game provides an immersive experience, and the sounds of the coins being served add to the excitement. The playing field of the mobile casino is a blue table with three sections. It has all the basic attributes of a poker game, namely:

  • a control panel for the simulator;
  • chips for the game;
  • Card decks consisting of 52 cards.

Among the disadvantages is the lack of a Russian version of the game. Therefore, it is better to explain the purpose of the key controls and information windows:

  • Deal – to deal cards;
  • Rebet – to make a second bet;
  • Rebet and Deal – to repeat bet and deal cards;
  • Clear Bets – to clear bets;
  • Pull Bet – to remove a bet from the first or second field of play;
  • Let It Ride – to leave the bet on the first or second field and reveal one dealer’s card;
  • Let It All Ride – to leave bets on the first and second fields and open both dealer’s cards;
  • Settings – settings of the slot machine;
  • Auto-Bet – options of automatically repeated bets;
  • Balance – the state of the account gambler;
  • Paid – the amount of winnings;
  • Bet – the amount of bets;
  • Game Speed – game speed.

Let It Ride Poker Bonus Games

The mobile version of Let It Ride Poker is completely free to play: you don’t need any money. In order to play this casino without a licence, you can get chips for free.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the bonus bet can only be placed in tandem with the main bet, which is a one credit bet, and the payout starts exactly at tris. The bonus payout amounts (game credits) by combination are written below:


  • Royal Flush – 30,000;
  • Straight Flush- 3,000;
  • Four of a Kind- 400;
  • Full House- 200;
  • Flush- 50;
  • Straight- 25;
  • Three of a Kind- 5.

Of course, all of the bonus bets are aimed at the user himself, so it is not advisable to make them. Nevertheless, it does happen that they win, but don’t believe that it happens very often, as some lose and some win.

Let It Ride Poker slot machine rules

It’s quite simple: you have to make a combination that is bigger than the dealer’s.

How to play:

  • The gambler makes three equal bets in three betting areas – 1, 2, $ on the table.
  • Then the dealer deals three cards to the user, and two total cards are dealt face down.
  • After seeing his three cards, if the player realises he is lucky, press Let It Ride. If you don’t think so, cancel the first bet by pressing the arrow on the 1st betting spot on the table.
  • The first common card is then flipped. If you get lucky, click Let It Ride. If not, call your second bet by pressing the arrow at the 2nd betting position.
  • Finally, the second common card flips, completing your five-card poker hand.
  • If you call off your first two bets, a third bet is in effect.
  • If you have a pair of tens or better in your poker hand, you win.

The mobile version of Let It Ride

The casino is adapted for touchscreen smartphones and tablets. The Let It Ride mobile casino can be played on iPads, iPhones and Android gadgets. The mobile version is just as user-friendly as the PC version of the interface.

If you already have a profile, you don’t have to sign up for Let It Ride mobile again. However, newcomers can open an account right on their smartphone. The mobile version of the slot machines is a counterpart to the original casino with a more compact interface.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the main advantages of the legal casino are the following:

  • A bright and unconventional website design;
  • clear menu;
  • quick search;
  • fast payouts online casinos;
  • sorted sections with online entertainment;
  • free casino spins let it ride poker;
  • deposit bonuses;
  • availability of a mobile version;
  • a robust loyalty program.

Overall, Let It Ride Poker is an interpretation of the real poker game, except that the player does not need to leave home.

The main drawback is the lack of a Russian language version.

Overall, the let it ride poker promotions are very appealing and the site is very solid and interesting. If you want to have a good time and even make a little money, the Let It Ride Casino is one of the best options. Aside from the adrenaline and other great vibes, there’s a cool cash prize waiting for casino users, as the betting range is very wide.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I win the let it ride poker machine?
Why do I need to register to play let it ride poker?
How do I win real money at let it ride poker slot?

If you’ve already played poker online at let it ride poker, write your feedback. Give your feedback on the level of service, range of features, speed of depositing and withdrawing, customer support and other special features.


Eric Schfter (UK)
Eric Schfter (UK)
Casino Games Expert
Either way, the let it ride poker slot machines will appeal to all poker enthusiasts. In addition, the slots boast a generous let it ride poker bonus programme.
Let It Ride Poker
How do I win the let it ride poker machine?
Let it ride poker recension is a game between the dealer and the users that requires skill and luck to win. To win in this game, the player needs to be able to take risks, go all the way and calculate different eventualities.
Why do I need to register to play let it ride poker?
The registration of let it ride poker login opens up new opportunities for users, including welcome bonuses and freespins. In addition, by registering, the gamer will be able to use the account to organise their game collection and customise their online casino settings.
How do I win real money at let it ride poker slot?
In order to win good money at let it ride poker casino bonus code, you need, first of all, to know the rules of the game well, as well as practice a lot.