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asian handicap in sports betting

Modern bettors from the UK have access to a large number of different types of bets on sports events. Using your knowledge in a particular sport, as well as the high odds that bookmakers periodically set, you can not only enjoy watching the game, but also earn a substantial amount of money. The most underrated by far are handicap bets. Many betters, especially beginners, find them quite difficult. But if you visit non gamstop betting sites with asian handicap and carefully look at the examples presented there, your opinion will change dramatically. Best Asian handicap bookmakers offer visitors favorable conditions for effective betting. And anyone can use them. The main thing is to first understand the handicap betting strategy and learn how to apply them correctly.

What is Asian handicap in betting?

Handicap betting first appeared in Indonesia. They are used primarily in football. To understand what does asian handicap mean, you should start by learning the rules and features. In this type of betting, there is a handicap that the team receives before the start of the match. For the bet to play, the favorite must win with the advantage specified in the bet parameters. Handicap can be denoted by both integer and fractional numbers. In accordance with it, bookmakers set Asian bookies handicap odds. The higher the odds, the greater the amount of winnings.

Handicap with fractional indicators often scares beginners. But on the bookmaker’s websites there are special tables that indicate all possible outcomes. You should start with the minimum rates. This approach will allow you to learn the rules without serious losses.

To calculate the parameters, you should use an Asian handicap calculator. It is available on many betting sites. When calculating the amount of remuneration, the size of the bet, the result of the game and the parameters that were determined before the start of the tournament are taken into account. It is quite difficult to overestimate Asian handicap meaning for modern betters. After all, with the help of such a bet, you can minimize the amount of money lost.

How does Asian handicap work?

Betters who have chosen football asian handicap are advised to start by studying the features of the upcoming match. As a rule, bookmakers set fairly high odds for rating competitions. And the teams participating in such games are in good shape and strong composition.

Having decided on the tournament, you can begin to analyze the opponents. A bet with a handicap implies that one of the teams will receive a certain handicap of several or half goals even before the game. Asian handicap soccer bets completely exclude the occurrence of a draw during the game. For such a bet to play, the favorite team must defeat the underdog by the number of points specified in the bet parameters.

Using Asian handicap in play commands of different levels, you can easily calculate all the parameters and make the right decision. If the teams play approximately the same, then it is better to choose a handicap with a minimum value.

Where to find Asian lines

Football is considered the most popular sport for which bets with Asian handicaps are often used. If desired, you can find bookmakers that offer such bets on other types of sports tournaments. For example, hockey, tennis, basketball and so on. But there are very few of them and betters are reluctant to use such offers. At the same time, football betting asian handicap is available to everyone and is offered in many betting shops. A variety of choices allows you not only to bet with a handicap, but also to select the most favorable conditions for this. For example, you can choose a bookmaker, where there is a detailed list of events, a wide line, statistics and analytics of past competitions are given.

Best asian handicap betting sites

Different Asian Handicap Bet Values

As mentioned above, bets with a handicap imply a definition of the handicap that is given to the team at the start. The handicap value can be different. It is this that affects the possibilities of bettors. For a more complete understanding of the situation, you should carefully study the data from the Asian handicap chart. Table values ​​will help you quickly understand how to determine the result of a bet.

An example is the Asian handicap 0.0 0.5 bet, which means a draw or victory of one opponent over another by half a goal. A bet of 1.5 asian handicap should be made when there is a serious advantage between the teams.

Asian handicap table

asian handicap betting

Zero ball betting – Asian handicap 0.0

Beginners are advised to start with this type of handicap betting. Suitable in the event that approximately equal opponents participate in the competition. A bet of 0 asian handicap will play when the team on which the bettor wins or draws.

Let’s look at an example that can help you understand how Asian handicap 0 works. Let’s assume that Arsenal are playing with Brentfort.

The coefficients look like this:

  • Arsenal -0.0, coefficient 1.80
  • Brentford +0.0, coefficient 1.80

It turns out that the handicap has a value of 0. According to the employees of the betting company, opponents of approximately equal strength participate in the match. If the bettor makes a bet on Arsenal to win, then this team must win by any score or draw. Then the bettor will receive a reward. The amount of winnings is calculated taking into account the current odds. If Arsenal draws, the better will get his bet back.

Asian Handicap Handicap -0.25

A bet of 0.25 asian handicap means that the handicap is 0.25. Let’s take Manchester’s game against Chelsea as an example.

  • Manchester United +0.25 odds 1.95
  • Chelsea -0.25, coefficient 2.10

Based on these data, it can be concluded that Chelsea are a quarter of a ball behind Manchester. To make the Asian handicap betting explained more detailed, let’s consider different scenarios. For example, a player bets on Chelsea. He will be able to receive a reward even if Chelsea ends the game in a draw. Betting on Manchester, you have to wait for a victory. If Manchester defeats Chelsea with a score of at least 1:0, then the better will receive a win, the amount of which directly depends on the size of the bet and odds. To calculate the reward, the bet is multiplied by the coefficient. In the event of a tie, the player will only get back half of their bet.

Asian handicap 0.5 meaning

 asian handicap betting

In this case, we can say that the difference between the participants in the match should be half a goal. For example, a bettor decided to make an Asian football handicap bet with the following parameters:

  • Real Madrid +0.5, odds 1.65
  • Barcelona -0.5, coefficient 1.70

Given the above data, Real Madrid is the favorite. For the bet to play, the favorite must win. Barcelona, ​​which uses an Asian handicap -0.5, must win or draw. With this outcome, the better’s bet will play. The return of the bet on the underdog as a result of a draw is called Push. Not always the better can count on winning the amount of the whole bet. With certain indicators, the bookmaker can return only half of the amount that was placed at the time of betting.

Asian handicap – 1 meaning

The size of the handicap increases, which means that the risk of losing also increases. You should bet asian handicap 1 only if teams of different levels participate in the competition. Consider an example for such bets:

  • Milan +1.0, coefficient 1.65
  • Juventus -1.0, coefficient 2.00

A bet of 1 asian handicap will only play if Juventus can score at least two goals more than Milan. There is another outcome – Juventus scores one goal more than Milan, and the player receives only half of the bet. Such an outcome is considered a draw. Otherwise, the bet loses and the better is left without a reward.

Asian handicap-1.5

In this case, you need to be sure that the teams will be able to finish the match with a difference of several points. An Asian handicap football bet with a handicap of +1.5 indicates that this team has an advantage even before the start of the game. If she wins and also draws or loses by only one goal, the better wins. A bet of -1.5 asian handicap will only play if the selected team wins by several goals.

Asian Handicap Betting Tips

Visitors to the betting shop make bets not only for fun, but also in the hope of getting a solid reward. Therefore, bettors, especially beginners, should pay attention to Asian handicap tips given by experts.

  • Study the statistics of the games that the team has played recently.
  • Assess the shape of the players. See if there are any plans to replace team members in the near future. Maybe the leading players have injuries that will prevent them from demonstrating a good result of the game.
  • Find out if the team is receiving sponsorship. And if so, to what extent. Good funding is the key to a successful game.
  • Some teams show the best result when playing at home.

In the event that we are talking about fairly equal teams, you should make a bet with a minimum handicap. Also, many Asian handicap bookies offer visitors detailed reviews of competing teams. You should carefully consider the opinions of professionals.

Benefits of Asian Handicap Betting

Many inexperienced bettors mistakenly believe that Asian handicap betting comes with a lot of difficulties. But that’s not the case at all. It is Asian handicap bet that allows you to minimize the likelihood of losing your own funds. For effective betting, you just need to carefully study the rules, as well as make a few small trial bets.

In other types of bets offered by modern bookmakers, the probability of a better win is determined by the ratio of 30:70. If we consider alternative asian handicap, then here the probability that the player will be left with a win is 50:50. And this means that with a competent approach to betting, you can not only get part of the invested funds, but also significantly increase the bet.

Eric Schfter (UK)
Eric Schfter (UK)
Casino Games Expert
By choosing favorable conditions on the websites of bookmakers, as well as adjusting the handicap value, you can achieve excellent results. A professional Asian handicap explained will allow you not only to understand the rules of this type of bet, but also to learn how to determine the outcome of the game. Handicap bets can be used for tournaments of different levels.


🥇 How is the Asian handicap calculated?
🥇 For which sport is the Asian handicap applicable?
🥇 What types of Asian handicap is divided into?
🥇 How is the Asian handicap calculated?
In Asian Handicap, the stake is divided into two halves between adjacent regular odds. For example, for H2(-2.25) these are H2(-2) and H2(-2.5). Both halves of an Asian Handicap bet are settled according to the normal handicap rules. For example, you bet on H2(-1.75) in the Rubin vs Barcelona match. 28 Feb. 2020
🥇 For which sport is the Asian handicap applicable?
📌 Asian handicap is found in the line for matches of any game discipline, including football, tennis and hockey.

🥇 What types of Asian handicap is divided into?
📌 The Asian handicap can be positive and negative, single (has integer and fractional values ​​​​multiple of 0.5) and double (the sum of two single handicaps - for example, (-1; 1.5), will always be a multiple of 0.25).