Pet Master Free Spins – Daily Links June 2024

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Pet Master is an Android and iOS game developed by Moon Active, the creators of Coin Master. Its mechanics work in the same way as the previous title: you must improve your village in exchange for coins, which you can get with free spins for Pet Master, as there are free spins for Coin Master.

Pet master free spins: how to get daily link to free spins pet master? 25 free pet master spins in just one click. You can get daily free spins of 25 or 35, and sometimes even 50. You also get some free coins via reward links. Pet master spins come at different times and you can pick them up from there every day. Below are 50 free pet spins, click and collect them all before they expire.

Pet Master, what is it?

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Pet Master  is a strategy and construction game developed and published by Moon Active that adds the concept of slot machines, which are especially appreciated by the fans of this game. Like many games of the same type, including Coin Master, Pet Master  will remain particularly easy to learn, although there are many optimizations.

As a result, the slot machine, which you will have the opportunity to spin many times thanks to the links above, will allow you to perform certain actions, such as attacking other players’ bases or opening their safes, earning coins (corners) . or  get shields , which will be especially interesting to reduce the attacks of your enemies. The accumulated coins or corners will give you the opportunity to build and improve the buildings present at your base. As you already understood, daily links allow you to recover important Pet Master bonuses  for the good development of your village.

Pet master free spins links

Pet master provides links to games with multiple free spin no deposit pet master and coins every day, updated here every day after testing. All links are genuine and only published after verification. These links work for 3 days. So you can come and get them every day or every 3 days.

We update all pet master free spins link. Add our page to your bookmarks so you won’t miss any updates on free spins and coin links.

If you’re out of spins and want more free spins with daily links, we’ll link you to the links so you can get them for free:

Get 25 FS in the daily link
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Get 100 FS in the daily link
Get 25 FS in the daily link
Get 25 FS in the daily link
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Get 25 FS in the daily link

 Pet Master Guides and Tips

Pet master is another game active during the month. Like Coin Master, this game also focuses on arcade games and village building strategies. It also includes raiding and card collecting. All villages are based on animals, as the name Pet Master implies. So far there are only 160 villages, but more are coming soon. It includes a new feature not found in the Coin Master game, which consists of dice. It’s a very nice feature that makes the game interesting. A small board game in which the raccoon moves around the board by rolling dice.

Tricks for getting free spins in Pet Master

If the previous links aren’t enough for you where you get free spins, here are some tips to help you get more throws to move forward with your village.

Get 5 free spins every hour

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The easiest way to get free spins is to log in every hour and spin the wheel again. You will get 5 free spins every hour.

Remember that the maximum number of spins you can accumulate on the roulette wheel using this method is 50 spins, so remember to log in every 10 hours to take advantage of all the possible spins.

Free spins Pet Master and coins in the raid

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As in Coin Master, there are 3 pets. In Pet Master, your pet is simply a raccoon that moves around the board. In this game you can attack and raid your friends. When it comes to raiding, you have no choice. You have to ambush whoever he is pointing at. There are 3 safes that appear for a raid, you have to choose any of them. Any of them have coins in them and two are empty or could be a card chest. When you choose the first time and an empty locker appears, the raid will focus on the same person again until you get some sort of reward.

Earn coins by attacking in Pet Master

The attack symbol is a rocket. When three missiles appear, you can attack your friends or enemies or someone you want to get revenge on. You can attack one of his items. When you see the three rocket symbol, you can attack 3 items in your enemy’s village. If there’s a shield, you’ll earn slightly less coins, if there’s no shield and the object or structure you can tell is broken, you’ll earn more coins.

Complete villages

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Doing your job well will reward you. You will be rewarded with free spins each time you complete a village and move on to the next level.

The only bad thing about this is that the number of free spins will vary greatly depending on the level, and there may be villages that don’t even offer you spins once completed. This will depend a bit on luck and the level you’re on, but every now and then they’ll give you some.

Collect special cards

En Pet Master You will see that you can open chests with prizes inside. Many times, the chests will contain cards that you can collect.

When you collect a collection of cards, they will give you a series of free spins.

Timed events with rewards

Pet Master has weekly special events with surprises and new prizes. These prizes include free spins, so we recommend that you keep an eye on the events that take place at the time to complete missions and win prizes.

Pet Master free spin and coins to buy

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When your game is launched, you’ll see five options. The first is the shop, where you can spend some real money and buy spinning coins and dice odds. Then comes the cards section, where you can see the many albums you have of cards to rotate. All of these albums are from animal cards.

Get free rewards when you invite your friends

Then walk over to the slot machine. Where you can spin the slot and collect coins and spins and raid and attack your friends. You can see all your friends playing pet-master by connecting the game to Facebook. You can also invite your friends to play the game with you by sending them the link to your game. You will also receive a spin reward when your friend joins via your link.

How to get freespins and coins in Pet Master

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Then comes your village, where you can improve your village and move on to the next village. The cost for each village is listed below, you can view them in the table below. After completing each village, you get 25 free pet master spin. And when there’s a village boom event that lasts several hours a day, the reward is more like completing each village. Each village has 5 items that need to be improved 5 times to advance to the next village. The theme of each village is based on animals only. Then there are the commands whose features have not yet been updated. Writing soon. So we don’t know what the game has in store for us.

Invite your Facebook friends

Pet Master They know that social media is a big factor in spreading the word about the game, so they will reward you with free spins if you bring a friend into the game.

Although this figure varies depending on the day, you usually get 90 free spins for every friend that signs up for Pet Master from your Facebook .

Not only that, they will also give you free spins if you log in with Facebook and link your account to the social network. This has several advantages:

  • You can save your progress and retrieve it whenever you want by logging into your Facebook account.
  • You can play Pet Master from Facebook too , without the need of a mobile app.
  • They will give you around 100 free spins. to be able to enjoy the game.

Complete village, get 25 spins and 2 million coins

When you see the top right corner you can see the different options available, there is village news, friend invitation, gifts, leaderboard and settings. You can see the stars of your friends in the leaderboard. There is also a list of villages where you can see which village you are in and which village you will move to. There are currently 160 villages and more will be added soon. From here you also get village news to see which of your friends have raided and attacked your village.

Temporary events with rewards

Pet Master hosts weekly special events with surprises and new prizes . These prizes include free spins, so we recommend that you keep an eye on the events that are happening at the time to complete missions and claim prizes.

Do Pet Master free spins links expire?
Yes, daily links expire after three days, so you need to hurry up to find out the latest information.
Can I get 50 free spins from Pet Master?
Coin Master 50 Spin rewards most often appear during in-game events, such as those that reward you for raiding or fighting other players. There is also a small chance of getting this number from daily links, so bookmark this page and check back often.
Can I get 60 free spins from Pet Master?
Yes, although judging by the daily links, this does not happen often. We encourage you to play and attend events more often, and keep an eye on social media for what's coming soon.
Can I get 70 free spins from Pet Master?
We have never seen the Coin Master 70 Free Spins reward appear as part of the daily links, but it has been known to appear as part of special events. To claim this rare reward, we recommend playing daily and keeping an eye on social media to find out when the next big event is.
Can I get 100 free spins from Pet Master?
Yes, but not from daily links. We have seen this amount of free spins often appear during in-game events, especially those that reward you for raiding and participating in PvP battles. Play more often and follow the events on social networks to stay up to date.
Can I get 400 free spins from Pet Master?
Again, the 400 spins rewards do not appear to be part of the daily reward cycle but have been known to appear during events. Follow social media and play regularly for a better chance of getting this reward.