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Cashback is as popular in new UK casinos as it is in stores. This is a gift that is credited after the game session based on the results of the balance recalculation. But unlike shops and services, the right to a casino cashback bonus is most often given only to those who have lost more than they received from slot machines. But even in this case, cashback casino can be considered a pleasant incentive or consolation prize – even 5-10% of the costs give a chance to win back and get a profit. The rules for calculating the return and the conditions for turning points into real money in each slot machine hall are different, but the very existence of the program indicates a serious analysis of checks by the administration and its desire to increase loyalty in the eyes of the client.

Best cashback online casino 2024

What is a cashback casino bonus?

The opportunity to receive a cashback bonus appeared only after gambling moved to a digital basis. Land-based halls could not physically allocate funds (no one took into account how many chips the visitor bought and what percentage of them he left in the casino or exchanged). In addition, the accrual of cashback casino bonuses in ground-based halls made it difficult for the establishment to pay significant expenses for maintaining the premises and paying for the work of staff. In online casinos, the expenditure side is much less, so entrepreneurs in the gambling industry have the means to expand the bonus program.

In itself, the introduction of a refund of part of the funds is very beneficial for the casino. This program solves three problems at once:

  • reduces the negative after a loss, creates the feeling that the casino has paid something, the illusion of winning;
  • encourages only those players who really play for money, and did not come to the hall to watch and spend time with a demo deposit – that is, a loyal and willing to pay audience;
  • allows you to share income not in an advance format, but after receiving this income – from the funds that have already remained on the site.

That is why the online casino with cashback bonus is getting bigger, and the amount of returns is gradually growing. The average cashback bonus 2024 is 10%, in good halls it can reach 15%.

Top cashback casinos

30 free spins on first deposit
12% bonus on the second deposit

Types of cashback bonus in online casino

casino cashback bonus

In general, cashback bonus is a refund. But even within the framework of this program, the shares have differences. So cashback in online casinos can be accrued automatically and only at the initiative of the client, take into account a certain period from one day to a month, be cumulative or instant. An important criterion is the presence of additional conditions for the withdrawal and the wager for the very amount of the receipt. Good casinos list the refund without additional rules, even allowing you to withdraw this consolation prize instantly.

Welcome cashback bonus

Often, online casinos with cashback bonuses increase the return percentage as they move up the loyalty program ladder. But the same gaming halls can provide beginners with the opportunity to feel like a VIP client literally from the moment of registration. They offer increased cashback bonuses – 10-15% for the first payment or during the starting period from a couple of days to a month. In the rarest cases, up to 100%. And although the last option in the list of promotions is most often called not cashback, but first payment insurance, it is not difficult to find common features in the mechanics of the promotion – first the player deposits funds, and in case of a loss, he receives them back to the account.

The welcome cashback can be a stand-alone promotion, an elective program, or part of a starter package welcome bonus. In any case, you can count on it for a limited time and only if the replenishment did not bring profit.

Cashback bonus

In most online casinos with cashback bonus, the rules are similar – the player makes bets in real money, and if he is unlucky, the system returns a certain percentage of the money back. The characteristics and profitability of a stock are determined by the details:

  • cashback bonuses are accrued for any amount spent or it must be accumulated over a certain period of time;
  • the player must write an application to receive a refund or the funds will be credited automatically;
  • how often you can request or receive cashback – on certain days, after accumulating a certain limit, or at any time if there were no withdrawals after the payment;
  • what percentage can be expected, how it is increased;
  • how difficult the conditions for using the available funds are and how much bets still need to be made before the withdrawal.

The most unprofitable program is considered to be a promotion with an adjustment that a generally negative balance in the casino is needed to receive it. This automatically deprives those who remain in the black of the right to funds.

Deposit bonus bonus cashback

A complex scheme of cashback bonus online casino – money back only on subsequent deposits. In this case, the percentage of the lost funds falls on the additional balance, but the player can receive it only simultaneously with a new deposit. With such a cashback bonus casino scheme, the user receives the promised funds, but cannot use them at the most necessary moment – when there is no money left on the account, and the game may be about to enter the return stage.

Casinos that introduce such a scheme believe that they are fighting gambling addiction, that is, they stop the game when the user has lost and is upset. In fact, the very principle of cashback from this form is lost.

Pros and cons of casino cashback bonus

Benefits of casino cashback bonus
Additional funds without new investments.
An increase in the amount available.
Getting cashback in online casinos gives you a chance to recoup.
Demonstration of casino loyalty.
A sign of the quality of the mechanics of the gaming hall as a whole.
Disadvantages of cash back bonuses
Most often, cashback is credited after a loss.
Additional conditions before withdrawal.

How to get cashback bonus online?

cashback bonus

To get a cash back bonus online casino, you must not only be a registered user, but also pass full verification, if it is required by the rules. You can receive the amount only by spending funds (bonus points, funds from welcome packages and other gifts that the player himself did not put on the balance do not participate), – first they must be deposited into the account:

  1. Select a payment instrument.
  2. Specify the transfer amount.
  3. Confirm consent and verify the payment.
  4. Play at the casino.

The main condition for cashback in online casinos in most cases is a loss. Therefore, the lack of the right to cashback cannot be considered a failure – this indicates that the gaming session brought money and the casino will not accrue consolation prizes.

If there is no winning after the deposited amount, you can check the right of return. By the time of withdrawal, all cashback casino login must be verified in accordance with the rules of the gaming hall. If the prerequisite for receiving a refund on all cashback casino bonus code was the introduction of this bonus code or the preliminary selection of the program, this must be done. At casinos that offer promotions to choose from, the player will have to decide if the prospect of a return on investment is worth the other offers.

Cashback bonus conditions

By setting cashback in the casino bonus, the administration prescribes not only the percentage, but also additional conditions for receiving this return. In different casinos, they may differ:

  1. Minimum payment or amount of payments.
  2. The period for which a refund can be requested.
  3. The right to a cashback sign up bonus, increased for status players,
  4. Request format and automatic calculation.

Less often, conditions are prescribed for certain types of financial instruments – increased cashback for cryptocurrencies or replenishments from certain types of cards. Sometimes the experience of the player and the balance of the account as a whole are taken into account.

Responsible gambling and are cashback bonuses legal?

cashback bonus 2022

Any cash back casinos are legal. These are deductions that the gaming hall makes on a voluntary basis. They are not income, but represent compensation for losses. This bonus cashback casino is allowed by all regulators present in Europe. There is also no limit on the amount. The best top cashback bonus is up to 15%, although such returns are most often offered to users with VIP status or casino guests who won this percentage in some other promotion (on the wheel of fortune, in the lottery).

Cashback bonus withdrawal

The administration has the right to prescribe withdrawal conditions for cashback casinos. In the best casinos, there is no longer a wager for this amount, it is believed that the player has spent enough to receive funds. Conditional wager cash back bonus *1 can be assigned. If the requirements are not specified, the amount can be immediately sent to paypal cashback bonus. If the refund is accrued in the form of points or a conditional amount that still needs to be worked out, you will first have to fulfill the conditions, and then issue a cashout in the usual way – select a payment instrument, order the amount, wait for the transfer.

Eric Schfter (UK)
Eric Schfter (UK)
Casino Games Expert
You can get cashback bonus online casino only by investing. This gift can be attributed to consolation. Often one of the conditions is the overall negative balance in the gaming room, and not just statistics for specific periods. That is, in order to count on cashback, you need to lose. But even in this case, online casinos with cashback bonuses are attractive - in a specific period, the amount returned on time can provide a second chance to recoup, wait for the return cycle of the slot machine, or win, thanks to an adjusted strategy. The main thing is that the number of reservations and additional conditions should not make the action symbolic, but bring real money.
💸 Why is cashback issued in online casinos?
💸 Are cashback offers available instantly?
💸 What is the average casino cashback bonus percentage?
💸 What is the difference between casino cashback and casino earnings?
💸 Why is cashback issued in online casinos?
Cashback is a comforting gift, it reduces the user's negativity after a loss and increases loyalty. For the user, this is the second chance to reach a positive balance.
💸 Are cashback offers available instantly?
Yes. Separate gaming halls offer this form of accrual.
💸 What is the average casino cashback bonus percentage?
In European casinos it is 10%.
💸 What is the difference between casino cashback and casino earnings?
These are completely different amounts. Casino income is the difference between the sum of investments of all users and their withdrawal minus the expenditure part. Cashback is only the percentage of investments of a particular player, taking into account the amounts that have been withdrawn.