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Play free roulette and find the best real money roulette sites at new uk online casino. If you have landed on this page, it is safe to say that you are looking for how to play roulette uk. In that case, keep reading – you’ve come to the right place.

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Play roulette online: features, varieties and rules of the game

Online roulette is a gambling game in the form of a spinning wheel divided into 36 red and black sectors with a mandatory 37th green (zero) segment. There are two zeros in the American variation, and since 2016 there have been three. It is rightfully considered the queen of entertainment of every gaming hall, arousing the passion for adrenaline in both beginners and experienced users alike. With the advent of digital casinos, playing roulette online has become easier and more exciting. Software developers instantly satisfy the audience’s demand for new emotions, including the demanding ones.

The iGaming industry has refreshed the traditional wheel of fortune offering bonus and additional features, comfortable betting conditions and 24/7 service. Depending on personal tastes, the player chooses a classic or modified roulette model, taking into account a number of nuances, which will be discussed below.

Types of roulette in online casinos

Roulette in the casino has thousands of loyal fans, in whose regiment hour by hour there are only more recruits. More than 100 representatives of this game have been collected in the casino lobby, both with original mechanics and age-old rules.

To play roulette online with an understanding of the essence and differences, let’s give examples of its most common types:

⭐️ French roulette It is specific in several respects, as it is the forerunner of the European and American versions. First, it remains the most common variant of the game; On its basis, “hybrids” for online casinos are often created, combining the features of several models. Secondly, here bets are made on no more than 37 numbers, including one “zero”. If the “La Partage” rule applies, then when a zero sector falls out, the bet amount is returned to the player in half the volume, and does not go to the table, as in other types of roulette. In the latter case, the advantage of the club is 1.35%, the smallest possible;
✅ European roulette In key moments, it inherits the “big sister”, but has simplified regulations, which is why the pace of the game is accelerated. At the same time, the loss of zero on the rotor does not allow gamblers who bet on any outcome other than “zero” to withdraw part of the bet. Therefore, the player’s chance of winning is 1:37, and the house edge is 2.7%;
❤️American Roulette It differs from the first two by a different sequence of placing numbers on the wheel and the simultaneous presence of a single, double, and in ground halls also a triple zero. Due to this, American online roulette for money increases the advantage to 5.26%;
⚡️ Without “zero” Due to the lack of mathematical superiority, it is not included in the game libraries of clubs. Typically used for entertainment purposes with no material risks or rewards;

Mini roulette

Offered by a limited number of operators, with only 13 numeric sectors available. It gives the least chance of winning, but due to the lack of upper limits on bets, it is valued by professional high rollers, also called “whales”, who are not averse to losing considerable amounts at once in the hope of winning the jackpot.

Tip: if you are not sure which of the varieties to play, and you have no experience in spinning fortune for payouts, free money roulette online is an excellent simulator to start with.

French Roulette
American Roulette
Classic Roulette

Online roulette rules: bets, combinations

Online roulette for money begins with the fact that the user buys chips (virtual chips). These attributes are assigned a specific color marking their denomination. The following logical sequence is considered traditional:

  • white chips — $1;
  • red — $5;
  • green — $25;
  • black — $100.

The next step is placing bets, of which there are a huge number to choose from. For convenience, they are classified into two separate categories: “internal” and “external”. The first ones refer to the sector of the playing field in the form of a 3×12 table of 36 numbers + “zero”. The second – to those outcomes that are located outside its borders (a dozen, even, odd, more, less, red, black).

Keep in mind that offline & free play roulette online works on the same principle, where outside bets give increased chances of winning, but with potentially less income. The probability distribution is clearly shown in the table below:

Inside Bets✅  Outside Bets✅
Straight bet (on one number) – 35:1  Columns – 2:1
Split – 17:1  Dozens – 2:1
Straight – 11:1  Even / Odd – 1:1
Angle – 8:1 Color – 1:1
Line of six – 5:1 Over or under – 1:1

Having found out the rules and combinations by which online roulette works, we move on to the third step, the moment when the croupier says the phrase: “Place your bets, gentlemen.” Following this, the dealer spins the wheel and drops the ball. Usually the beginning of the rotor rotation does not mark the end of the allotted time for the formation of “offers”. Participants in the draw are asked to finish making predictions only three supposed spins of the wheel before the final. Players receive a signal about the final closing of the acceptance of chips along with the message: “Bets are made, there are no more bets.”

After the ball stops moving, occupying the locking pocket, the winning number is announced, on which a special marker called a magnifying glass or dolly is placed. Removing the last one means a new round, and before the onset of this phase, those who played plus bets are paid. As you can see, casino roulette does not require a mathematical mindset to understand the essence of the game, even from the position of an outside observer.

Online roulette strategies: how to win?

Online roulette in a casino implies the possibility of creating an infinite number of tactics. However, due to the result, which is known in mathematics as “perfectly” random, in the long run, the advantage remains on the side of the house. However, there are ways to take the trump card out of the hole by changing the variance, tilting the odds of winning in your favor for a short time. More on such methods below.

online roulette uk

Best strategies for online roulette

  • Correlation is a group of approaches that combine the principles of bankroll management depending on the statistics of wins and losses. Briefly describing the laws of such methods, they are characterized by an increase in risk after a series of losses, for example, requiring you to double the bet until the desired result is achieved. A bright representative is Martingale, which is distinguished by the greatest primitivism and the danger of losing the bank without seeing a profit. Online roulette in a casino does not forgive frivolity, so we advise you to look at more scientific solutions based on the properties of the binomial law of probability distribution, theories of large numbers and chaos.
  • Password strategy – designed for roulette outcomes with equal chances 1:1 – even, total, color, etc. (see tab. above). According to this system, the bet is multiplied by two after each win and does not change per round when a loss occurs. It is recommended to work out in series of three steps.
  • d’Alembert – after a winning round, the amount of the next bet is reduced by one dollar from the original one. And vice versa, the pocket obliges to add the same $1 to the bet size. This is a classic progression, but there are other calculations on the Internet with their own percentages and recommendations.
  • Labouchere is a tactic that works with equal stakes. First, decide how much you plan to earn, but do not set impossible goals, adequately evaluate the bank. When you have decided, break the dream win into at least 6 components; less is possible, the main thing is that the row is paired. For the first bet, add the first and last number from the resulting sequence. If the round is won, cross out both values, and for the next entry, by analogy, use the remaining numbers. In case of loss, the right side of the sequence is added to the bet.
  • Andrucci – the logic of the strategy is that sooner or later, each number from the ones plotted on the sectors falls on the wheel. During 30-35 spins, you need to write down all the numbers that the ball has chosen. After that, it remains to calculate the frequently encountered combinations and bet on them over the next 15-25 draws.
  • Fibonacci – bets are made in a sequence where each new bet is the addition of the two previous amounts: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13… The gambler decides when to stop, but having caught a white streak of luck, you should not flirt.
  • System 32 – the idea is to play the foreign and domestic markets in parallel. Alternatively, put 3 on red and 2 on the second column, 3 on black and 2 on the corner. You should look for profitable variations on thematic forums and professional services.
  • The 666 strategy is an aggressive tactic, during which the gambler bets on the maximum of the available numbers at the same time, working through a straight, dozens, etc.
  • Thomas Donald – requires you to increase the bet by one monetary unit after an unsuccessful spin and reduce it by catching a minus. To implement it, the balance must have at least 3000 initial bets.
  • James Bond tactics – suitable for daredevils who are ready to accept the risk of losing in the corridor of 30-35%. In essence, the simplest strategy, because bets are made flat in the amount of 1-5% of the depot.

Please note that online virtual roulette and its versions in land-based halls are equally vulnerable to the above tactics.

Foulette free play online & online roulette real money

In the vast majority of casinos, demo versions can be launched without registering on the website. In free mode, a virtual deposit is used, which is easy to replenish an unlimited number of times by refreshing the page in the browser or mobile phone application. Money earned will not be available for withdrawal.

In demonstrations users do not risk their own funds, but players are deprived of the opportunity to win money; both features of the game significantly reduce the excitement. Experienced users consider free online roulette to be the ideal way to gain the necessary experience in the game. Of course, you can’t win money this way; if you want to win real money, you have to take a risk. You might get lucky: some roulette users win quite a lot of money.

The standard mode allows you to enjoy a whole range of thrills and adrenaline. You can play for real money on the online casino website, on the PC app or on mobile devices. Only registered users can place bets.

Money won in standard mode is credited to the deposit without a wager (if not won through bonus funds or promotional free spins). The amount can be lifted from the account in any convenient way. The only drawback of the standard mode is the risk of losing your bet. Despite a certain probability of losing, most visitors to cash casinos prefer cash games that provide maximum pleasure.
Live dealer roulette

You don’t need to leave your home to play in the casino; you can do it remotely by choosing the live client in the special section of one of the most trusted portals. The live format allows you to feel like a guest in a gambling club and experience the full range of emotions of gambling entertainment in UK. Instead of artificial intelligence the dealer’s functions are exercised by a professional dealer, what happens at the table is transmitted online.

The casino employee expresses his actions or accompanies them with gestures. The user interacts with the dealer through a special interface. The dealer’s duties also include the clarification of the rules, but we strongly recommend that he/she knows the features of the game in advance, especially for beginner players. For beginners, the best solution would be demo versions that allow you to pay for spins with virtual coins. In live mode, only real money is used.

With a live dealer you can play Russian, European, American and other types of roulette. Our portal contains a large selection of casinos that offer users favourable conditions, various events and many varieties of one of the most popular entertainments in the world of gambling business: try your luck with Wheel of Fortune right now!

How to win on online roulette

Roulette with money is an unpredictable game. This is due to the presence of various combinations. To become a winner, you need to listen to the advice from professional players:

  1. First, it is recommended to check the game and deal with all the important aspects. This is the basic rule that all professional players adhere to.
  2. Give preference to varieties where the minimum advantage of the playing hall is provided.
  3. Carefully study the characteristics of all existing models.
  4. Learn how to wisely place bets and manage your bankroll.
  5. Practice for free.
  6. Pay attention to table limits.
  7. No need to rely on betting systems.

Pros & cons online roulette uk

plus image Roulette is very easy to play
plus image Players are offered a variety of betting options
plus image Chances of winning at roulette are high
minus image Losing money. Prolonged gambling can cause a person to lose track of their gambling expenses, which can end up seriously depleting their coffers.
minus image Randomness. The game is completely random; it is impossible to calculate the possible outcomes or develop a winning strategy at all.
How to win online roulette?
There is no strategy to the game, you need luck, focus and trial to win.
Is it possible to play from a mobile phone?
There are a huge number of mobile versions of the game, as well as mobile roulette apps.
Types of Roulette?
Classic, European, Mini, American, French, Premier Roulette, Three Wheel Roulette and many more.
The most popular kind of roulette?
As such there is no single most popular type. European Roulette is preferred in Europe, American Roulette in America, etc.
Can I win at roulette?
Yes, of course. Just like any other game you can win a lot, and often a lot of money.