How to cancel GamStop?

It is perhaps obvious that Gamstop can be an effective way of self-exclusion for thousands of British players in the United Kingdom. However, if the self-exclusion was introduced by mistake or the player is no longer facing the issue of problematic gameplay and wants to continue playing, the question arises as to how to cancel Gamstop.

The only legal way is to remove Gamstop after the self-exclusion period has expired.

Below are the possible ways to opt out of the program.

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Online Casino Rating: can you cancel gamstop

Before we dive into the process of cancelling Gamstop, it’s important to note that online casinos registered with Gamstop restrict access to their games once a player has agreed to a self-exclusion period. GamStop offers UK gamblers flexible options for self-exclusion, with time frames ranging from 6 months to 5 years.

While these options allow players to choose the duration of their self-exclusion, the issue of how to remove Gamstop has become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom. Many players miss out on bonus promotions and entertainment opportunities from casino brands they once enjoyed.

As a result, more and more players are interested in learning how to remove Gamstop themselves. Regardless of the type or duration of the self-exclusion period, it’s important for players to understand how to cancel Gamstop, which we’ll explain in more detail below in our online casino rating.

Is It Possible to Cancel Gamstop After the Self-Exclusion Period?

After the self-exclusion period is over, cancelling Gamstop is a simple and straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  • Confirm that your self-exclusion period has ended, as the last day may be moved to the nearest business day due to bureaucratic issues. Keep this in mind if applying on weekends or holidays.
  • Contact support representatives on the official Gamstop website and fill out an official request to remove your personal information from their database.
  • Follow the relevant process as instructed by the Gamstop manager.
  • Your account, along with your personal data, will be removed from the database, allowing you to access all casinos and software providers. While it may take a few days to process your request, the easiest way to remove Gamstop is to wait until your self-exclusion period expires. The good news is that you’ll be able to play as long as you want after your self-exclusion period ends.

It’s important to remember that as long as the current law remains in effect, Gamstop is licensed by the UKGC and will remain active. The question of how to cancel Gamstop has become more debated, particularly because almost all currently operating casinos have already joined the service.

What are the dangers if you cancel Gamstop

Players need to consider the dangers that come with canceling Gamstop. Removing the self-exclusion may result in the resurgence of gambling addiction, making it even harder to quit this time. Here are some of the drawbacks to resuming gambling:

  • ❌ Gambling addiction can resurface

If you struggled with gambling addiction in the past, returning to betting could have serious effects. Not only can it harm you financially, but it can also lead to social isolation, as all you may think about is gambling.

  • ❌ Addiction can disrupt your daily life

Returning to gambling addiction can disrupt every aspect of your life. It can affect your job performance, daily routine, and even your personal relationships with friends, family, and significant others.

  • ❌ Difficult to quit again

Once you have gone back to addiction, it may be even more challenging to quit this time. This is because you have already experienced it and have been away from it for a while, making the passion for betting even stronger.

  • Financial problems – potential loss of money

Gambling addiction can lead to significant financial loss if you cannot control it. It can also negatively impact your credit score, making it difficult to obtain a mortgage or new credit cards from banks.

GamStop removal process

gamstop how to cancel

The process of removing personal information from the Gamstop database is not quick or easy. You can get rid of the restrictions only after the expiration of the GamStop self exclusion period.

The lack of limits has a number of positive aspects:

  • The opportunity to enjoy gambling again. Gambling is an exciting hobby that effectively relieves accumulated stress and cheers you up.
  • Chance to win real money. For many players, gambling is a source of income, and the restrictions of GamStop casino negatively affect the budget.
  • Lack of tension. Any restrictions are unpleasant, and the inability to access your favorite sites is depressing, so the player feels relieved to get rid of the limits.

It should not be denied that GamStop reversal has a number of negative points:

  • The possibility of a return to addiction. Gambling addicts are constantly looking for ways around GamStop to keep betting real money, hurting their budget and mental health.
  • Loss of money. Although it is possible to win in gambling, this does not exclude the possibility of losing your bank.
  • Lack of control. Players with a weak mentality require external control of their activities in an online casino so that it does not turn into addiction. As soon as they cancel GamStop, then the likelihood of the disease increases significantly.

How to get around Gamstop? Gamestop uk gambling has both positive and negative aspects. The player must soberly assess the situation and the state of mental health and understand whether he needs restrictions or not.

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Gamstop Removal Benefits

Know that, in answer to the question “how to get around gamstop self exclusion?”, the answer is that it is completely impossible to cancel or remove Gamstop, but this does not mean that it is impossible to continue gambling while legally bypassing the ban. In addition, it provides more advantages than the ability to play under restrictions:

  1. New games, new providers and new experiences. The UKGC licensed sites you’re used to tend to use a lot of the same games, so it’s rare to find anything really new or different on these established sites.
  2. More anonymity, more security. Bypassing gamstop casinos and casinos focused on cryptocurrencies often allow you to remain completely anonymous, which has many advantages. For example, they can’t sell your personal data to spammers or hackers if they don’t actually have any of your data!
  3. Wider selection of offers and bonuses. Hundreds of new online casino sites offer great deals and you can take advantage of them all.

Disadvantages of remove gamstop

Complete unregistering from gamstop may not be achievable, but getting around its limitations is certainly possible. However, when considering the disadvantages of canceling Gamstop as a limitation on your game, it’s important to question the reasons why you signed up for Gamstop in the first place. If your situation has changed, then it is worth reconsidering all options, but if not, then you should consider the disadvantages of removing Gamstop and its consequences:

  1. Addiction problems. Gamstop was designed as a serious attempt to restrict access to gambling sites, and if you have self-excluded due to gambling addiction concerns, it is not in your best interest to bypass the restrictions to continue gambling.
  2. Negative impact on finances, debts and credit rating. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose, as this can seriously and permanently affect your life.
Eric Schfter (UK)
Eric Schfter (UK)
Casino Games Expert
Gamstop is a British charity dedicated to combating gambling addiction. Among the advantages of the initiative, it is worth noting the psychological support and assistance in the rehabilitation of addicted players, the ability to manually adjust the limits.

The disadvantage is that bookmakers often apply automatic restrictions to all site customers, leaving them no freedom of choice.

The answer to the question how to cancel gamstop is simple - it's impossible. Therefore, self-excluded players can use the alternative and register on a site that is not affiliated with the Gamstop organization.

How to remove GamStop after expiration?
Can you remove gamstop? After the expiration of the gamstop self exclusion, you can contact the support of the organization and fill out an application to remove personal information from the database. It will be reviewed within a few days.
How do I cancel my Gamstop self-exclusion?
It is not possible to cancel Gamstop restrictions on your own - you need to wait for the self-exclusion period to expire. If you have convincing evidence of an error, you can try to contact support and request automatic removal of restrictions.
Is there a way to bypass the game stop?
There are a lot of ways to bypass Gamstop: it can be using offshore casino operators using a VPN, it can be using someone else's personal data and much more. But which one to use is up to you.


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