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American Roulette

Roulette american is one of the most popular new casino sites not on gamstop games in the world. The traditional layout of the wheel and the strategies worked out over the years attract not only beginners who rely only on luck, but also gambling pros. Statistics prove that although the overall return of the american roulette game is fully consistent with the declared 18 to 1, players who use strategies will get much more. In the online casino there is an opportunity to study the device for free and play for money.

American Roulette Rules

roulette american

There are 37 fields on american roulette rules. Of these, 18 are red, the same number are black and two are green. The latter are located on opposite edges of the disk. This classic variant has been around for more than 300 years, and in many reputable establishments, like american roulette online makers, it is considered bad form to offer any kind of permutation of sectors or changes in the order of american roulette odds and even numbers.

The rules are quite simple – the user assumes which of the numbers the ball thrown on the american roulette wheel sections will fall on and makes his bet. The field where the chips are moved to show the choice and size of the bet is the same unchanged for many years.

After the wheel stops, the favor of which every visitor of the gambling hall dreams of unraveling, the croupier or automatics, when it comes to the electronic version of the entertainment, calculate the winnings. It is proportional to 36 – the number of basic numbers. For a full hit in the number, the player receives 36 bet equivalents. But if he bet on a dozen or a column, the percentage will be lower – the rate will increase by 3 or 12 times, respectively.

It seems that it is impossible to predict the behavior of the roulette wheel, especially when it comes to the automatic version, which even the methods of hacking, popular in the 19th and 20th century, such as magnets and linings under the wheel legs, cannot affect. But it is in the case of roulette that the strategy of the game becomes relevant, and the theory of probability plays on the side of the user. You can check it out by playing free american roulette.

Types of bets in American Roulette

Fans of this entertainment are usually divided into groups in accordance with the american roulette betting systems used during the game. High rollers play on a number – they count which of the numbers has not been drawn for a long time, and they catch it on online american roulette. Lowrollers are content with small bets on even odds groups. Each character has its own strategies.

Domestic rates

To place a bet, even in the online version, players most often move chips, although they are virtual. The american roulette slot field corresponds to that in a real casino, and the terminology is the same. The resulting american roulette payout will match the type of bet – the odds are proportional to the chance of a random hit.
Inside bets in american roulette wheel strategy are the sectors that are inside the field:

  • singles and splits (2 sectors with one common side);
  • corners (four sectors with a common angle);
  • columns (vertical triplets).

The number of bets that a player wants to make in accordance with the selected american roulette betting systems is not limited. But there is an upper limit. So the casino is insured against supporters of mathematical strategies, who receive a guaranteed profit by raising the bet. In addition, zeros play at the casino. You can bet on them and even combine sectors into a pair (split) or five. But given that there are actually 38 sectors, and the maximum payout is 36, you can calculate what percentage the casino receives.

Outside rates

Outside bets in roulette are selections that cannot be specified on the field itself. This group includes:

  • dozens;
  • horizontal;
  • blocks of 6 numbers.

As in the case of inside bets in american roulette, the rules and payouts depend on the complexity of the forecast. The chance of hitting a dozen is almost 33%, so the bet will increase three times as a result.

Even odds betting

The strategy for accurate players is considered to be playing for bets with equal chances. These include:

  • Red and black;
  • even and odd;
  • big and small numbers.

American roulette probability is almost 50% on them, but you shouldn’t forget about green fields. In american online roulette, where it is possible to bet on the projection of the wheel, these types of bets also include the 18 numbers standing next to each other.

Additional American Roulette Rules

Players especially love american roulette casinos, which do not have the classic Surrender rule. It is written for the case when zeros fall out. At this point in american roulette rules and payouts will be 50% of the bet made. That is, not all the money that is on the numbers during this spin will burn, but only 50%. The second half is left to the players. This greatly reduces user costs.

The main difference between American and other roulettes

american roulette vs european roulette

Classical types of roulettes are just three options – American, European and French. The last two differ primarily in the interface language and the layout of possible bets. On the French version, you can bet on neighbors and opposite sectors. But in general, both the percentage of payouts and the chances of winning in these versions are the same.

The main difference between European and American roulette is more significant. On the first one there is one green field, on the second – two. French roulette vs american roulette also look accordingly. If we take into account the chances of winning and payouts, it turns out that american roulette vs european roulette is inferior – on the American, the chance of winning is 1 to 18, and on the European – 1 to 17.5. This disadvantage is compensated by the ability to bet on 2 green fields at once, but the casino still has half a percent more in this case.

How to play American Roulette online

Choosing american roulette online game, you need to really weigh your chances. On the one hand, statistics play on the casino, on the other hand, statistics also play on the side of the player. In the latter case, this is the theory of probability, according to which it is possible to calculate that each of the numbers will fall out sooner or later. Usually, in american roulette online, the falling numbers are shown in the history, but the casino keeps statistics only from the moment you log in and for a certain number of spins back. When logging out, all american roulette game online statistics are lost.

The most competent move is to independently maintain an archive of number drops in the american roulette session. Having opened the slot, you do not need to immediately bet large amounts. Experienced players advise the first trial 20-30 spins to play at a minimum and with a bet of no more than 1% of the bankroll. The data obtained will help to calculate the first coefficients:

  • after a series of 3-4 reds, you can bet on black;
  • after 2-3 drops of one dose – block the other two;
  • overlap a dozen that does not drop out more than 5 times with the sum *2.

Catching a specific number is only worth more than 100 failures. In other cases, the chance is too great that the generator will play a cruel joke. Even the history of real casinos knows cases when the number did not fall out more than 500 times.

Free American Roulette Online

Roulettes are excluded from the list of slots on which the casino can work out the wager. This is done precisely because users who know how to play beat the establishment too easily. On american roulette demo, you can learn how to play in order to almost always stay at least a little plus. The american roulette free online version is available in any major gaming hall.

Best American Roulette Casinos Online

Despite the fact that the rules of american roulette games are the same for almost all slots, many casinos keep 6-10 types of roulette for fans. This is not only European and American, but also card (instead of suit numbers and jokers instead of zero) or fantasy with runes. Players are offered a choice, play american roulette online with a simplified, concise interface or on the effect of a three-dimensional wheel. Fruity Chance, Admiral Shark, Mister-X Internet halls also have a live american roulette online casino option – rooms where the game process is controlled by spectacular and professional croupiers. The player can only make a choice, run the wheel himself in a single-player slot, or, while like-minded people make bets, talk with pretty employees and learn skills from the pros.

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Eric Schfter (UK)
Eric Schfter (UK)
Casino Games Expert
Roulette is a cult game. Players even believe in its mystical meaning - the sum of the numbers on the online roulette american, like any other, is 666. Someone sees seasons and even a calendar in these black and red sectors. In any case, trying to beat free online roulette american, and even more so for money, is an exciting quest and strategy that can only be compared with poker.
Can I play American Roulette online for free?
Yes, free american roulette online is provided in almost any casino.
How to play American Roulette?
Starting to figure out how to win at american roulette, you need to read the rules and decide on the size of the bet. The optimal amounts for beginners are no more than 1% of the bankroll.
Can I try some American roulette strategy?
Yes, many experts publish for american roulette strategy. It’s worth working out ideas for free.
Differences between American and European roulette?
The main difference between american and european roulette is the number of green fields. The American woman has two - 0 and 00.
American Roulette