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French Roulette

Roulette french is a type of roulette game that gained popularity in the years following the French Revolution. If you translate the term “roulette”, you get a “small wheel”, and if you also interpret the second part of the name, then it’s easy to guess that this kind of roulette was invented in France.

The French roulette variation is favored by many fans of the popular new casino uk game, and for good reason – of the three common variations, French roulette has the lowest built-in house edge over the player, which certainly makes it a more profitable option than its European and American varieties.

By itself, online French roulette follows approximately the same rules as European and American roulette, but there are two exceptions – the additional rules of La Partage and En Prison apply. In addition, French roulette allows you to make so-called French bets or “call” bets. Although French Roulette is also a single zero game like its European counterpart, it has a different table layout. Read on to find out how to play french roulette, what rules it has, and more.

Popular French Roulette Casinos

If you are already ready to play, have gained experience and enthusiasm, then it’s time to start playing french roulette online free. To do this, you should first choose a suitable platform, for example, one of the popular gambling establishments Maximum Casino, Magic Reels or Fruity Chance. Here, to play french roulette game, you just need to create an account and start playing. These establishments are extremely popular in the UK, so they are preferred by thousands of players. In addition, these casinos offer you to try french roulette online casino without registration in demo mode or plunge into a real gaming experience with live french roulette.

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Roulette wheels

online french roulette

The French roulette wheel was first invented in the 17th century by the French mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal when he was trying to create a perpetual motion machine. This version of the wheel was only primitive, but it started the game that came to dominate the casino halls of Europe. By the end of the 18th century, roulette had become an incredibly popular game. The wheel itself had a red zero and a black double zero.

In 1843, the brothers François and Louis Blanc introduced the single-zero roulette wheel to the German resort and casino of Bad Homburg. This was done in order to compete with the French casinos that were the dominant gambling establishments in Europe. After the local authorities outlawed gambling, the French moved to Monte Carlo, which is still known today as one of the most prestigious gambling establishments in the world, thanks in part to the participation of the Blanc brothers. There were rumors and legends that François Blanc acquired the secrets of french roulette by making a deal with the devil. This absurd and ridiculous notion bases its argument on the fact that if you add up all the numbers on the roulette wheel, you get 666, which is considered the Number of the Beast.

The difference between French roulette and others

There are three main types of roulette that you are likely to encounter – American, French or European roulette. Although they look similar at first glance, there are clear differences between them that significantly affect the game in the long run. Understanding how they differ from each other can and will have implications for the outcome of your game. For your convenience, we have compiled all the important information that you should read before you start playing french roulette.

The difference between European and French roulette

European roulette is one of the main types of roulette that you can find in online and land-based European casinos. This game has 36 numbers and one zero. European roulette occupies an average position in terms of odds, French roulette online is in first place with the most favorable odds, and American roulette is in third place with the least favorable odds.

The French roulette and European table layout is presented very cleanly. Comparing french roulette vs european, the grid of numbers is laid out horizontally across the table. Under it, there are two rows of bets “outside the game”. The top row contains the three bets per dozen, and the bottom row contains the rest of the bets in the following order: Low, Even, Red, Black, Odd, High. Bets on columns are located on the right side of the grid.

The difference between American roulette and French

If you compare french roulette vs american roulette, it should be noted that in American roulette, both one zero and double zero fall out, and in French – only one zero. Moreover, all numbers on the French table are white, while all numbers except for zero and double zero on the American roulette table are either red or black.

Another difference between these two options is that the numbers on the french roulette online casino and the American wheels are located differently.

Last but not least, the location of the outer betting field on American and French roulette is different.

Outside bets in the American variation are usually placed on the left side of the table. The outer betting field in french roulette is divided into two parts and is located along both sides of the table. Each of the outside bets has its own French name on the table, and sometimes its English translation is displayed right below the French name.

Rate Comparison

French roulette has some of the widest betting options of most, if not all, casino games. You can bet on specific numbers, groups of numbers, the color of the winning number, and more. Since there are several versions of roulette, it is quite logical that the rates in them differ. For starters, European, French and American roulettes all have relatively the same betting options. Below you will find a detailed description of all betting options and their differences between the popular versions.

  • Direct bet. This is a bet on one number in roulette french best. This bet pays 35:1 in all versions of the game. Real odds are 36:1 in French and European roulette and 37:1 in American roulette.
  • Split bet. A bet on two numbers from one block. The chip is placed on the border separating two numbers. This bet pays 17:1 on either version, but the true odds are 17.5:1 on French and
  • European roulette and 18:1 on American roulette.
  • Street rate. This french roulette bets covers a horizontal row of 3 numbers at the same time. The chip is placed on the leftmost side of the row. The bet has a payout of 11:1, but the actual odds of winning are 11.33:1 in European and French roulette and 11.67:1 in American roulette.
  • Corner. A bet on four adjacent numbers at the same time. Chips are placed on the point where four numbers meet. Winning at such a bet gives a payout of 8:1. Real odds are 8.25:1 in
  • European and French versions and 8.5:1 in American roulette.
  • And many other options.

As you can see, the American version of roulette has much worse odds than its European and French counterparts.

French Roulette Table Location

The French version of the game is played on a standard European wheel which has a 37-hole french roulette table layout. One of them is colored green and contains a zero. The remaining pockets are colored red and black and contain numbers from 1 to 36. The numbers on the wheel are not displayed in sequential order. In fact, the order of french roulette online seems to be random and different from the order on the American roulette wheel.

However, it is not immediately noticeable that the red and black numbers on the french roulette table alternate. In addition, every pair of even numbers is followed by a pair of odd numbers. The exception to this french roulette rules are a few numbers located in close proximity to the green zero pocket.

It is in the french roulette layout that the real difference lies. First of all, the wheel is located in the center of the table, and the betting nets are on both sides.

Call bets in roulette french are placed in a specific section of the layout known as the racetrack. Usually this section is separate from the main betting grid, and upon closer inspection, players will notice that it is an exact replica of a roulette wheel.

French Roulette Rules

French roulette uses the same wheel and the same betting options as European roulette. Therefore, how to play french roulette can be almost identical, with the exception of two very important rules that players of the French version can use.

There are some rules in roulette french that are not in other versions of the game. These are “la partage” and “en prison”. La partage dictates that if you lose an Outside bet due to the ball falling into a zero pocket, then you can get half of your bet back. The “en prison” rule, on the other hand, gives you another chance to get your money back from an “outside” bet when the ball lands in a null pocket. The rate remains in the same place and is marked as “in prison”. If the next spin is a win, you get your bet back, but if he loses, the house takes it. These rules work in favor of the player and apply exclusively to French roulette. They provide the same statistical edge and halve the house edge on even-money bets to 1.35%.

The layout of the French roulette table is specific and differs from the American and European ones. The grid of numbers is placed horizontally across the table. Underdog bets are placed on either side of it, with bets on high, even and black on top and low, odd and red on the bottom. The bets per dozen are presented in both the top and bottom right of the grid.

Additional French Roulette Rules

As mentioned earlier, there are two main differences between French roulette and its American and European counterparts. In French roulette, the rules of La Partage and En Prison apply, which is not always possible in the other two roulette variations. In fact, these rules are also popular as the zero rules among board game enthusiasts, as they apply when the white ball in french roulette bets hits the zero or double zero pockets. Most often, when betting on roulette in US casinos, players’ outside bets are considered losing when the ball hits any of the zero pockets.

However, this may not be the case in European casinos, where players will have to leave their chips on the table until their bet is declared a winner or loser. It is worth noting that this will only happen with non-zero spins of the roulette wheel.

Basically, by playing American roulette, gamblers can get permission to change. It is important to note that this rule should not be confused with the handing rule that applies to blackjack. When it comes to roulette, it only refers to outside bets that pay out even money, or bets on high, low, even, odd, red, and black numbers. As with the La Partage and En Prison rules, the surrender rule reduces the house edge to 2.63%. However, gamblers should be aware that single-zero roulette games where the surrender rule applies are quite rare, but french roulette payouts are high.

However, if this rule is available, then instead of losing the entire amount they wagered when the white ball lands in the zero pocket, players will only receive half of the amount raised by the casino.

Types of bets in French roulette

Many players prefer French roulette as it provides many options for french roulette bets. Generally speaking, the types of bets in roulette french can be divided into three main categories – inside bets, outside bets, and call bets (also known as racetracks). They all differ in French roulette payout sizes and other aspects.

Domestic rates

French roulette bets “outside the game” are usually recommended for roulette beginners who do not like to take risks. Your odds of winning with an out of play bet are significant, but the payout will be modest. Red/black betting is one of the most popular options, as players are betting that the ball will land on either black or red. The payout for this type of bet is 1 to 1.

Inexperienced players can try their luck by betting odd/even on roulette french. In this case, the player bets that the ball will fall on an even or odd number. The payout is again 1 to 1.

The High/Low bet is another suitable option for beginners. Here the player bets on a low number (from 1 to 18) or on a high number (from 19 to 36). High/Low bets also pay out even money on a 1:1 basis.

In addition, there is a column bet that covers twelve numbers in one of the three columns on the main betting grid. An example would be a bet on the middle column containing the numbers 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 36, 29, 32 and 35. Winning column bets pay out 2 to 1.

When betting in french roulette online casino for dozens, players are betting that the next number to be rotated will be in the dozen they have chosen on the layout. Numbers 1 to 12 go into the first dozen, numbers 13 to 24 go into the second dozen, and the third dozen covers numbers 25 to 36. Winning dozen bets also pay out 2 to 1.

Outside rates

Brave players with more experience often prefer outside french roulette bets as they offer higher payouts. However, the chances of winning with one such bet are less. Bets on individual numbers are called straight bets and have odds of 35 to 1.

In addition, you can place an inside bet on a combination of numbers. An example would be a Split bet placed on two adjacent numbers on the betting grid, such as numbers 5 and 6. It pays out at a rate of 17 to 1.

In french roulette bets on a straight, the player bets on a row consisting of three consecutive numbers. An example would be a bet on the numbers 4, 5, and 6. It pays 11 to 1.

Another variation is the roulette french corner bet (also called the square bet), which covers four numbers that share a common corner, such as the numbers 5, 6, 8 and 9. Winning corner bets have a payout of 8 to 1.

A Six-Line bet covers consecutive numbers in two rows on the betting pattern. An example of such a bet would be a bet on the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Winning bets on Six-Line pay out at a rate of 5 to 1.

Trio bets, on the other hand, cover three numbers, but one of them is always zero. There are two possible combinations for the “Trio” bet, namely 0, 1, 2 and 0, 2, 3. Winning trio bets pay out at the rate of 11 to 1.

Finally, there is the so-called four number bet, which only exists in French and European roulette and should not be confused with the Corner bet, which also includes four numbers. A four number bet covers the first four numbers on the french roulette online casino betting grid, namely 0, 1, 2 and 3, and pays out at a ratio of 8 to 1.

Call bets

roulette french

French roulette bets Call are placed in a section of the racetrack and by choosing them, players are essentially betting that the ball will land on that particular section of the wheel.

Voisins du Zéro, or Neighbors of Zero, covers all 17 numbers on the wheel, which are located between 22 and 25. The player bets nine chips on a combination of split, corner and trio bets. Players should be aware that if the winning number is included in the section of the roulette french wheel they have chosen, then the payouts they will receive will be dictated by the specific number and can be as high as 24:1.

Tiers du Cylindre, which translates to “third of the wheel”, is another type of call bet that players can place. This type of bet covers all numbers between 27 and 33 on the wheel. Here the player bets six chips because six fractional bets are needed to cover all the numbers. If their bet turns out to be a winner, then the odds at which players receive payouts is 17:1.

Orphelins, which translates to “orphans”, covers eight numbers. Three of them (17, 34 and 6) are located to the right of the zero pocket, and the remaining five (1, 20, 14, 31 and 9) are to the left of it. Players need five chips to place this bet. This time, the payouts that gamblers can potentially receive are either 35:1 or 17:1, and again, the bet they receive depends on the winning number.

The final french roulette bets (Finales in French) are made for numbers ending in the same number. For example, if a player places a bet on Final Five, their bet is spread over the numbers 5, 15, 25 and 35. Four chips are required for final bets on numbers 0 to 6. To bet on the numbers 7, 8 and 9, the player will only need three chips, since only three numbers on the wheel end with these numbers.

French roulette variants also allow gamblers to bet on the full amount. However, most gamblers may be reluctant to make such a bet, simply because they will have to risk a significant amount, which often exceeds the upper limit of the table. For this reason, this type of bet is most often offered by casinos that are mainly aimed at high-stakes players.

By placing a Full Complete bet, gamblers are actually making all kinds of inside bets on the same number. High rollers should remember that when choosing this bet type, none of their chips will be placed on the betting layout.

Such bets can be lucrative for risk-averse bettors.

The difference between calling and posted bets

Even though many roulette fans think that call and announced bet are two terms interchangeable, they should be aware that there is a definite difference.

When it comes to announced french roulette bets, gamblers won’t have to put their chips on the table, instead they’ll have to say what bet they want to bet so that the dealer can indicate it on the betting chart. Thus, gamblers will take money from the casino when they want to make a call bet.

It should be noted, however, that not all casinos offer real call bets. Interestingly, the UK is one of the countries where gamblers are not allowed to bet on credit, which means that call betting will not be available at all.

In reality, roulette lovers will make what are known as announced french bets roulette. In order to place such a bet, gamblers again need to announce what kind of bet they want to make, but the most obvious difference is that this time the cost of the bet must be covered immediately.

However, the basic idea behind call and announce betting is the same, in that instead of placing their chips in a specific area on a betting pattern, players simply announce what kind of bet they would like to make.

How to play french roulette online

To start playing french roulette online over the Internet, gamblers need to be well versed in the various types of bets and payouts. That being said, while French-style roulette games come in all shapes and sizes, the mechanism for placing a bet is pretty much the same.

Once the french roulette game is up and running, the next thing for casino fans to do is decide on the amount they would like to wager. Make sure you have read the bet limits and the available chip values ​​before placing a bet.

If you have already settled on one of the chip values, you should decide whether you want to play french roulette online free safely and choose any of the outside bets or prefer any of the inside bets. Of course, call betting is also an option that should not be overlooked. To complete your bet, you simply need to click on the selected chip denomination and then on the field from the betting chart corresponding to the selected bet type.

When the roulette wheel spins, gamblers will be able to know the outcome of the round in just a few seconds. In most roulette variations, players are allowed to withdraw all the chips placed on the betting layout with the click of a button. Most often, doubling the amount bet is at arm’s length.

Gambling fans who have switched to live french roulette via the Internet should be aware that sometimes when their bets are won, the chips are not removed from the layout, and the players themselves decide whether to withdraw them or leave them for the next round.

In some french roulette online casino games, players can adjust the settings so that chips can be removed from the table after the outcome of the round is determined.

Eric Schfter (UK)
Eric Schfter (UK)
Casino Games Expert
Roulette french is a game that is practically no different from other varieties, but you must remember that in this variation your chances of winning are much higher. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you should familiarize yourself with the features and french roulette rules, and then start your gaming journey with this exciting game.
Can you really win at roulette french?
In roulette, everything depends on your luck and if she smiled at you, you can win a big prize.
How to play French roulette?
The rules of playing French roulette are described above. In general, they do not differ much from the American or European counterpart.
Is it possible to play French roulette for free?
You can play french roulette online free if you use our casino list above.
What is french roulette?
French roulette is a game of chance and a type of roulette that has some special rules and bets.
French Roulette